We offer panels with three different cores – PIR, MWF and EPS, installation accessories, cold-formed profiles, flashing systems for complete building envelopes and comprehensive technical support.

Izopanel Sp. z o.o. is currently one of the leading manufacturers of sandwich wall and roof panels, with all production taking place in Poland. Since its establishment, Izopanel decided to focus on dynamic and sustainable development, while it has gained large experience which was later confirmed by numerous awards.  We manufacture sandwich panels and depend on partnership relationships with customers. We also have a to-modern production line and implement the latest technologies.

Our advantage in manufacturing polyurethane panels is our knowledge and experience. Independent development of PIR formulations and innovative ways of manufacturing polyurethane cores give us autonomy and full control over chemical processes. We have our own laboratory where an expert technology department can carry out research and respond in real time to changing production conditions.


In 2020, we achieved sales of 2 million m² of sandwich panels. Riding a wave of steady growth, we have established a company and distribution centre in the Latvia/Estonia area, called the Izopanel European Distribution Centre, to provide a comprehensive service to the Eastern market.

It is important to guarantee customers a repeatable product, a broad portfolio in terms of core types, modular widths, panel thicknesses and also the ability to tailor the offer to the needs of their investment.





We offer a comprehensive range of sandwich panels manufactured using three various cores, accessories and systems of flashings.

PIR-N/PIR-F – stiff polyisocyanurate foam core providing high energy efficiency of a building and improved fire parameters that ensure long-term safety of use.

MWF – mineral wool core providing the highest fire resistance, real savings when insulating a facility and maximum soundproofness.

Flashings – flashing system providing a complete accomplishment of a facility cladding.
Our offer includes also: cold-formed profiles and gutters.

EPS – polystyrene (expanded polystyrene) core providing cost-efficient solution, while maintaining high aesthetics of a facility cladding.


Thanks to the construction of the fourth hall, we have expanded our offer with new products, improved product quality and repeatability, and increased the efficiency of the production lines. At the turn of the year, we completed the construction and implementation of a new foam moulding system, enabling us to supply the most advanced and environmentally friendly PIR panel on the market. As a result of industrial research, we have developed a completely new proprietary mixing, dosing and casting section and will soon be presenting the final product – a sandwich panel with a three-layer core.

Customer feedback and their product and service expectations fuel our ambitions and drive the development of Izopanel.


Clients about us


We have been collaborating with Izopanel sp. z o.o. since 2013, and wish to recommend services they provide, as the latter are of high quality and delivered in a timely manner. Izopanel is our supplier of sandwich panels and flashings that are used for construction of cold rooms and freezers for the Biedronka chain. Please note that we appreciate professionalism of the Izopanel team and the fact we can also count on their support and engagement of sales representatives in many random situations. Izopanel is a reliable and solid business partner.

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