Birth of the company

This year saw the establishment of a family business that received its current name – Izopanel. In the first period of our business activity, sandwich panels were manufactured with the use of self-made compressing presses. At that stage, we also offered installation of our own panels at sites specified by our Customers.


Automated line

Eight years of laborious work with the use of self-made compressing presses was long enough to start thinking about an automated sandwich panel line. Eventually we purchased one in 2000. The approved Australian technology was to guarantee the quality of the line. As another major change, we transformed our family business into a limited liability company of 100% Polish capital.


New machine park

The astonishing development pace made us decide to separate the manufacturing business from the installation service. Facing new challenges, we consciously decided to quit construction services and hand it Izohale Sp. z o.o., a newly established, autonomous construction company. Izopanel, on the other hand, kept investing in new machinery to expand the offer and make it more attractive.


Export Department

Further development of the company resulted in the expansion of Export Department which was established to deal with foreign sales only. Thus we started conquering European markets and working closely with entities in the Scandinavian countries as well as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands and the Russian Federation.


Global development

Our sandwich panels are appreciated by the still growing number of customers, not only in Poland. We deliver our products to other countries such as the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Apart from that, Izopanel sandwich panels are dispatched to other continents (Africa) – panels are loaded on containers in which they are shipped to seaports, from where they are delivered to target customers abroad. In 2012 total sales of all our panels exceeded 1,000,000 m2.


EPS Department

We established a new EPS Department (production of sandwich panels with polystyrene core). We introduced changes to roof profile in polystyrene sandwich panels. We managed to achieve mutual compatibility of panels with various core types.


MWF Core

Production of sandwich panels with MWF (mineral wool) core was launched. Moreover we started cooperation with Constraco sp. z o.o., in the sales of cold-formed profiles.


New hall PUR2

Construction and opening of production hall PUR2. New hall contributed to the increase in production and development of new technologies in sandwich panels.


25th anniversary of the company

A quarter-century period of developing sandwich panels has resulted in creation of a database of experienced specialists who are keen to help customers at all stages of the investment. We have developed a technology making our panels an economical, durable solution which also enables to achieve favourable thermal, acoustic and fire protection parameters.


More and more sales

Exceeding 2.0 million m2 sales of sandwich panel.


EUDC Izopanel

European Distribution Center - New company, office and distribution center in Latvia and Estonia.

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