Roof sandwich panel – installation.

Presentation of roof sandwich panel IzoRoof installation
Roof sandwich panel IzoRoof should be installed only at upper notch using saddle washers recommended by Izopanel. Do not install sandwich panels on the structure between upper notches (in water drainage plane) due to a risk of leak occurrence.
For detailed information refer to Panel Installation Instructions.

Sandwich panel – loading and unloading

Unloading of packages with Izopanel sandwich panels can only be performed using a crane or a fork-lift truck.
Sandwich panels should be placed on a dry and level ground on supports, at a height of no less than 20cm above the storage area. It is allowed to stack a maximum of 2 packages only.
Sandwich panels should be placed ensuring a slight slope to prevent accumulation of rainwater between panels.
Watch the video for more details.
Detailed description in Instructions For Loading and Storing of Panels.

Wall sandwich panel – installation

Presentation of wall sandwich panel IzoWall installation.
Install sandwich panels with polyurethane core with hidden lock on construction using self-drilling screws and fastener L02.
For installation details watch the video and refer to Panel Installation Instructions.


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