The crown profile inserts are compatible with IzoRoof panels available with any core material.
The new insert has been designed with special shaped wings on each side of the insert making them an ideal alternative to the eaves flashing installed on the raised profiles of roof panel. The crown profile inserts can be installed easily – they only need to be pushed into the insulation material, no additional fixings are required.
The insert protects the front face of the trapezoidal profile, which is lined with insulation material. It improves the aesthetics of the eaves detail of any roof.
The crown profile inserts are made from 0,5mm thick zinc coated steel sheet and are available in a variety of colours.


Flashings are basic elements of system of well-proven solutions provided by Izopanel. They are made from flat sheet, and generally their colour matches the colour of Izopanel sandwich panels. As one interesting solution, we recommend use of flashings in a colour which contrasts the colour of a roof or wall covering for the ordered cladding.

Flashings for roof and wall systems are manufactured from galvanized steel sheets of standard dimensions of 1250mm x 2500mm.
Our offer includes:
– standard flashings such as: gutter drips, verge trims, ridge caps, drip moulds, wind braces, covers, masking strips, corners, etc., also customised at a customer’s special request.

Professional installation of flashings ensures tightness and adequate aesthetics of Izopanel cladding. However, this depends on specificity of roof and walls, and thus final shape of a design is arranged with a contractor.

Technical data of flashings:
steel grade: S280GD + Z275
sheet thickness: 0.50mm – 0.88mm
length of flashings: standard L=2500mm.

Roof flashings Wall flashings
ridge elements corner flashings
elements for joints masking strips for panel joints
skylight frames joints between panels and other buildings
joints between roof panels and wall sill flashings
joints between roof panels and wall made from panels opening flashings
eave flashings window, door and gate flashings
parapet flashings roller shutter elements
gutter flashings

For detailed information on standard flashings offered by Izopanel please refer to Technical Catalogue.

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