For mounting sandwich panels and flashings, special self-drilling screws with EPDM gasket are used, and after installation is completed properly, they ensure perfect joint tightness. Side and length-wise overlaps of roof sandwich panels with polyurethane core, additionally should be joined by tight rivets or short screws for flashings (“farmer screws”).
Our offer includes self – drilling screws of the following types:
– for steel supports of max. 6mm in thickness (mainly cold-formed steel structures)
– for steel supports of max. 12mm in thickness (hot-rolled steel structures)
– for wooden and concrete supports
– for mounting of flashings and seaming of panel locks (“farmer screws”).


Inne kolory również dostępne na zamówienie

Size of screw for mounting of a sandwich panel:

Panel thickness (mm)
50 60 75 100 125 150 200 250
Cold-formed steel structure max 5 mm 5,5×98 5,5×98 5,5×98 5,5×120 5,5×150 5,5×175 5,5×230 5,5×275
Hot-rolled steel structure, max 12 mm 5,5×85 5,5×105 5,5×105*
5,5×185 5,5×185 5,5×235 5,5×285
Wooden support 6,3×100 6,3×120 6,3×130 6,3×150 6,3×175 6,3×200 6,3×260
Concrete support (min. B20) Holes to be drilled 6,5×100 6,5×120 6,5×130 6,5×150 6,5×175 6,5×200 6,5×260

*depends on support thickness


Sealing collar is made from a high-quality EPDM rubber which is resistant to both high temperatures and very low sub-zero temperatures, UV-ozone radiation, abrasion and tear. Flexible base of the collar ensures accurate matching and adhering to the roof surface. It will not break and crush as temperature fluctuates. Protects joint area against leaks.
Our offer includes:
–  collars from Ø60mm to 450mm.
– resistant to weather conditions
– easy to install

material: EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer)
Resistance to temperatures: -50°C to 125°C (continuous temperature)
Compressive strength: 10 MPa


Any minor leaks which may cause penetration of any amount of water and contaminations should be protected with an adequate roofing sealant or a special sealing tape included in Izopanel offer. It is particularly useful to apply “plastically stable” sealants when sealing areas of contact between flashing and wall, and length-wise joints on sandwich panels.
Roofing sealant:
– resistant to temperature and its fluctuations;
– resistant to UV radiation;
– aesthetic finishing (flexible), i.e. “cooperating” with surfaces to be applied on
– available in various types
– tight protection of surfaces
– easy application.



Touch-up paints are intended to protect any defects in paintwork of sandwich panels as scratches or abrasions which may occur during transport, unloading of material or installation works.
Izopanel offer includes touch-up paints in all colours which are available to be applied on coatings of our sandwich panels.
Touch-up paints:
– paints resistant to contaminations
– high spreading rate
– wide range of colours








Izopanel offer also includes other fastening elements such as:
1. Screws:
a) for PW (drilling capability 12mm)
b) for PW for wooden or concrete support
c) for PW (drilling capability 5mm)
2. Rivets
3. Farmer screws for flashings
4. Screws for indoor application

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