Our product range includes sandwich panels manufactured with three different cores, system halls, cold-formed profiles, flashing systems and mounting accessories. We provide customers with the opportunity to supply the full range of products needed for housing a building.

The technology department’s research and collaboration with the scientific sector, research and development institutions and the business environment allow us to apply modern, energy-efficient solutions in our products and to combine customer benefits with environmental benefits.

Wall sandwich panels

We manufacture panels with a PIR-N/PIR-F core – made of rigid polyisocyanurate foam with a thermal conductivity coefficient of PIR-N: λ = 0.022 W/mK, PIR-F: λ = 0.021 W/mK with improved fire performance as well as panels with a non-flammable mineral wool MWF core.



Izowall MWF L/C

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Roof sandwich panels

Izoroof MWF and agrodach panels guarantee safety and quick installation – dedicated to roofs of all types of buildings: livestock buildings (cowsheds, pigsties, chicken coops), production halls, distribution centres, logistics warehouses, cold stores and freezers.


IzoRoof MWF


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Izopanel cold-formed profiles

Izopanel cold-formed section bars are excellent products characterised by the highest quality of workmanship. They are used in solutions such as steel halls, roof purlins, wall girts, curtain wall and partition wall structures, or ceilings.

Catalogue of cold-formed profiles (PL)


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Galbox system halls

GALBOX IZOPANEL is a prefabricated structural solution made of thin-walled profiles. The structure is approximately 75% pre-assembled, making on-site installation time short and requiring no specialised equipment. Check the prices and available dates: @p.wach@izopanel.pl

Halls and beams

Galbox construction type

Enclosure and equipment

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We have been building customer relationships for years. We work every day to ensure that the consistent quality of our products guarantees safety. We achieve this by overseeing the technical documentation, updating certificates, fire and strength testing of our products.

For 30 years, our aim has remained unchanged: to create sandwich panels that meet the stringent construction requirements and ensure the quick completion of large and small projects.

Our credibility as a manufacturer of proven and durable solutions is confirmed by the continuing trend of increasing sales among General Contractors on the Polish and export markets.

Credibility, experience, partnership and an individual approach to the customer are key to our success.

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