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The detail of the connection

IzoWall PIR/PIR+

  • Joint tightness
    – Wide seamless polyurethane seal or two bands of continuous soft polyurethane seal
    – Protection strip preventing diffusion and water infiltration
    – Double panel lock – «flap and inlet» type for easier installation and upgraded fire-tightness.
  • Fast installation
    – Each Izopanel sandwich panel is a complete prefabricated element, most frequently being the only layer of building shell which makes the installation faster and reduces its cost.
    – Properly shaped panel locks facilitate interlocking of consequently installed panels and provide joint accuracy.
  • Energy efficiency
    – Core made of stiff, freon-free, self-extinguishing PIR/PIR+ foam with the most favourable thermal conductivity rating (λ = 0.022 W/m*K) – significantly lower than for other thermal insulation materials
  • Aesthetic design
    – Wide range of colours and various profile types of claddings.

Sandwich panel as a modern product with various cores and of various thickness combined with specialized polyester protective coating FarmCoat has been designed in particular for use on roofs and walls of livestock facilities (e.g. pig, hen, cow houses) and other agricultural facilities (e.g. barns, stores, mushroom farms).

Specialized FarmCoat coating providing resistance to ammonia, urine and fertilizers may extend the building life twice and thus reduce cost of its use.

Industry is one of the most important branches of the global economy. Thanks to our products we provide You with energy-efficient claddings ensuring high quality, while being a reliable, long-lasting construction material. Use of proper cores in sandwich panels meets requirements of Polish and European legislation on fire safety in a facility and provides insulation of a facility in accordance with the highest standards. Specialized coatings make it possible to install our sandwich panels in any weather conditions, while meeting requirements of all corrosion classes. Construction and shape of panel lock ensure easy and fast installation what provides for time savings and possibility of dynamic construction.

Sandwich panel as a modern solution for cold rooms, can be used on external, internal walls and also as suspended ceilings. Cold room sandwich panels can be used in temperatures as low as -40oC.
Shape of labyrinth core joint of our design provides perfect thermal insulating power, eliminating negative effect of thermal bridge. Wide range of thickness of cold store sandwich panels ensures meeting of requirements for thermal barriers and generates real savings resulting from no heat losses. Sandwich panel is suitable for use both in industry and agriculture what is confirmed by numerous certificates and approvals.

(Opisy na banerach) Order our panels and get up to 5 years warranty;
IzoCold sandwich panel for environments with controlled temperature
Coatings for special purposes, when standard is not enough – UV-radiation, corrosion, humidity; Specialized protective coatings.


With the variety of profile types of Izopanel sandwich panel claddings and a wide selection of paint coats in various colours, our products give a unique character to any building.
NOTE! in BP profile (no profiling), slight corrugation of the surface is possible; the permissible deviation from the flatness is specified in PN-EN 14509:2013.

без профилирования


I группа - очень светлые цвета

II группа - светлые цвета


III группа - темные цвета


Цвета, представленные выше, имеют ориентировочный характер. Компания Izopanel оставляет за собой право на возможное отклонение между представленным и фактическим цветом. Ширины при максимальной длине для заданных групп цветов описаны в Техническом каталоге Izopanel. Для получения информации о наличии конкретных цветов следует обратиться в отдел обслуживания клиентов.

Таблица свойств


Механические свойства
толщина 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200
модульная ширина [mm] 1150 или 1080* или 1000*
полная ширина [mm] модульная ширина +18 mm
Длина [mm] 2000 — 16000**
масса 0,5/0,4 [kg/m2] 9,0 9,8 10,6 11,4 12,2 13,0 13,8 14,6 15,4
масса 0,5/0,5 [kg/m2] 9,8 10,6 11,4 12,2 13,0 13,8 14,6 15,4 16,2
U PIR-N/PIR-F [W/m2K] 0,57 0,37 0,27 0,22 0,18 0,16 0,14 0,12 0,11
сопротивление PIR-F EI 15*** EI 15 EI 30 EI 30 EI 30 EI 30 EI 30 EI 30
сопротивление PIR-N EI 15 Ei 15 EI 15 Ei 15 EI 15 EI 15 EI 15
реакция на огонь PIR-F B-s2, d0 B-s1, d0
реакция на огонь PIR-N B-s2, d0
распространение огня NRO
коэффициент изоляции:
Rw [dB] 25
RA1 [dB] 23
RA2 [dB] 20
коэффициент поглощения αw 0,15
Воздухопроницаемость : давление n = 0,8388, C = 0,0116
Воздухопроницаемость : всасывающий n = 1,1072, C = 0,0074
Устойчивость к дождю Klasa A — całkowita szczelność przy 1200 Pa

* modular width available for individual orders
** максимальная длина зависит от цвета сэндвич-панели
***classification valid with the use of a fireproof seal

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